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InvaPharm’s marketing and product development experts are well versed in the areas of market research, product design, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, international product registration and regulatory compliance. InvaPharm works with clients to create label designs, brochures, videos, and other promotional tools to appropriately market its products. The combination of these components is part of a cohesive strategy designed to increase mass-market consciousness, boost brand awareness among the health-conscious consumers and facilitate expansion into new markets and channels of distribution.

As part of its industry network, InvaPharm works with nationally recognized physicians to increase awareness of products that reflect unique approaches to restoring, maintaining, or improving health.

InvaPharm’s approach to unique formulations, product development, manufacturing and marketing is predicated upon its dedication to research and development, technology, science, and state-of-the-art manufacturing. The comprehensive services InvaPharm offers sets InvaPharm apart as an innovator in the field of nutritional science.

We are happy and excited to be a part of this well attended trade show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. We look forward to seeing our customers, vendors, suppliers and making new friends and chat about how we can collaborate and create value in our respective companies. See you there! Visit and chat with us at our booth # 3831


Ontario, California, June 24, 2019/PRNewswire- INVAPHARM, INC. is making it better by now offering to its’ existing and prospective clients the ability to manufacture USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED TABLETS AND CAPSULES.

InvaPharm is certified organic by the Quality Assurance International since March of 2018.  Making “true” organic tablets and capsules has been challenging for many contract manufacturers. At InvaPharm, they have met those challenges and have started moving forward to providing superior organic tablets and capsules. The technology to be used will solve the issues regarding flowability and compressibility. The technology can also customize the flow rate and insure a true organic product.  

InvaPharm have always looked for ways to bring the best process, technology and ingredients to manufacture its products. “It’s not about just using organic ingredients but using technology to produce truly organic tablets and capsules”, “No need for chemical binders like stearic acid, magnesium stearate, methylcellulose, various dicalcium and tricalcium phosphates” stated by Kalpesh Bodar, InvaPharm’s VP of Operations.

“Not only do we want to bring more credibility to the nutritional supplement industry, but we want to provide the best possible products that we can manufacture. Better for the industry. Better for InvaPharm. More importantly, better for the individual who wants better health” per Kalpesh Bodar.  

About InvaPharm, Inc.

InvaPharm, Inc. is a premier full-scale, contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, OTC, and cosmetic products. InvaPharm’s state-of-the-art facility is specifically designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. InvaPharm provides turnkey product solutions from product conceptualization to finished product manufacturing. InvaPharm is fully equipped with the latest high-speed production equipment, and in-house laboratories to ensure product quality.

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Kalpesh Bodar

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